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The Different Types of Decorative Accent Pillows

Aubusson Pillows

In the 17th and 18th centuries the town of Aubusson, France produced hand woven tapestries, rugs, and pillows. These products were of such quality that they soon became renowned through out the royal courts of Europe. Aubusson pillows are made using this same technique. The process is very slow, a craftsman may take a day to weave a single square foot of a complicated pattern. Aubusson pillows are frequently passed down from one generation to another.

Needlepoint Pillows

Our Needlepoint pillows are hand stitched by small businesses in China. Many are stitched in the homes of the craftsmen. During the great recession, the demand for these high end pillows waned and many of the craftsmen left their homes and migrated to the large cities to other work. As a result of this migration, the number of craftsmen left to produce quality needlepoint pillows has decreased. We have quality distributors that have kept the work going and we are proud to offer a huge variety of these quality crafted products. These pillows have an extraordinary range of patterns and colors. Enough variety to grace any sofa or room.

Real Leather Pillows

Our Leather Pillows are made with grade A leather in the country of India. The leather is scrutinized for damage or defects and only the best is chosen. The leather is processed to bring out its softness and is permanently dyed to perfection. These pillows are not leather imitation they are the real McCoy. You can feel the quality in each pillow. They come with either a feather/down or poly insert.

Manufactured Pillows

Deluxe Home Accessories is proud to present this large line of machine made sofa pillows. Great variety of colors and textures. Many come in different sizes and a choice of either feather/down or poly inserts. They are an economical way to bring out the beauty of your room.

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